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Why SolShare’s 45% Uplift is the Missing Piece in Your ECO4 Strategy

Are you fully leveraging the potential of the ECO4 scheme? Integrating SolShare into your ECO4 strategy can unlock a 45% uplift in funding.

This is a golden opportunity for property developers, social housing providers, and councils to advance their energy efficiency projects with £4 billion in funding allocated.

What is the ECO4 Scheme?
The ECO4 scheme (Energy Company Obligation) aims to improve energy efficiency in residential homes across the UK, with a particular focus on low-income and vulnerable households.
  • Target Properties: Focuses on upgrading properties rated in energy efficiency bands D to G.
  • Funding: Allocated with a budget of £4 billion to assist eligible households in making energy-saving improvements.
  • Duration: Scheduled to run until  March 2026, it represents the fourth iteration of the scheme.
  • Eligibility: Primarily targets low-income, vulnerable, and fuel-poor households, offering support to make their homes warmer, healthier, and more affordable to heat.
  • Benefits: Includes improvements like insulation, heating upgrades, and the installation of renewable energy technologies to reduce overall energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Set to end in March 2026, the clock is ticking to take advantage of this incredible funding opportunity. These changes are not just temporary measures but are essential for meeting inevitable future regulations and sustainability goals.

And here’s why you should be tapping into this scheme through shared solar with Allume Energy for your projects.


Shared Solar for Flats with SolShare

Previously, solar for flats was not a feasible option because each apartment needed its own inverter, making the setup complex and costly.

SolShare is a world first solution for this issue. SolShare connects multiple flats to a single rooftop solar system and distributes the generated energy efficiently and equitably to all residents.


  • Improved SAP Ratings: SolShare can increase SAP ratings by up to 20 points, significantly enhancing the building's overall energy performance.

  • Individual Enablement: Each apartment benefits from the shared solar system, with flexible opt-in options allowing residents to join as needed.
  • Equitable Energy Allocation: Ensures equitable distribution of solar energy across all apartments, maximising efficiency and benefits for all residents.
  • Reduced Energy Bills: Lowers individual energy costs for residents by up to 50%
  • Sustainability: Lowers the building's carbon footprint.


ℹ️ For more information on how SolShare works and its technical specifications, see here to learn more.

Allume Oak Court_28

The Oak Court project in Cardiff connects 42 flats to a single rooftop solar system using Allume Energy's SolShare technology. This retrofit increased the overall SAP score by 6 points with grid energy reduction of 19-23% and saving residents £195-£255 annually on electricity bills.

For more details, visit Allume Energy - Oak Court Case Study​ 


Key Benefits of the ECO4 Scheme with SolShare

Free Installation 

  • No Charge Installations: ECO4 offers solar PV installations at no charge, leveraging direct utility funding.
  • Why Not Maximise?: If you're already installing energy-efficient systems, integrating SolShare technology is a no brainer. SolShare ensures that multiple households in a single building can share the benefits of one solar PV system, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Additional Benefit: SolShare technology further reduces overall energy costs, making energy bills even more affordable for tenants.

Significant Savings on Energy Bills

  • Under ECO4, households can save approximately £250 annually on energy bills through various energy efficiency improvements.
  • This includes upgrading heating systems, wall insulation, and installing heat pumps.
  • Additional Benefit: With Allume Energy's innovative SolShare technology, these savings can be further enhanced.
  • SolShare Technology: Allows multiple units in a building to share solar power, significantly reducing electricity costs beyond the initial £250 savings


Improved Energy Ratings and Strategic Funding

  • SolShare improves the energy performance rating of properties by optimizing solar energy distribution. This makes buildings more attractive to tenants and increases property value.
  • Strategic Funding Uptake: Using SolShare is one of the three recognized ways to achieve a 45% uplift in ECO4 funding. This strategic approach maximizes funding opportunities and ensures comprehensive energy upgrades.
  • By combining SolShare with other energy efficiency measures, properties can achieve higher energy ratings, leading to greater funding and long-term savings.



Nick Williams, our Technical Partnerships Manager, demonstrates the installation of SolShare. With many expert installers, we bring efficient and affordable solar energy solutions to communities across the UK.


Take the Next Step with Allume Energy

Why settle for basic compliance when you can maximise your investment? With the scheme’s funding, you’re not just getting an ordinary solar PV installation; you're upgrading to SolShare for free. You're not only achieving your property's energy efficiency targets while reducing operational costs, but also protecting them against stricter environmental regulations and rising energy costs.

At Allume Energy, we are committed to helping you leverage the ECO4 scheme to its fullest. Our SolShare technology ensures that you get the most out of your solar PV installations. 

Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from the ECO4 scheme and start saving on your energy bills now.


Share this information with your network to help others take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Together, we can make a significant impact on energy efficiency and fuel poverty in the UK.